Pennsylvania Farm Show

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The Pennsylvania Farm Show opens this weekend and after months of planning, its centerpiece has been revealed — a sculpture made from 1,200 pounds of butter.

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The annual Pennsylvania Farm Show is right around the corner, and for many attendees a visit to the food court will be at the top of the agenda.

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Signaling that the 2017 Pennsylvania Farm Show is about to open, the event's annual butter sculpture has been revealed.

The sculpture unveiled Thursday is called "A Culture of Stewardship" and pays tribute to dairy farmers, who the artists say are stewards of the land, air, water and community.

About a half-ton of butter was used to create the piece, which shows a landscape of farms and undulating hillsides giving way to forest-covered peaks.

PA Farm Show Celebrates Centennial Anniversary

Jan 8, 2016
PA Farm Show / Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture website

The 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show will begin Saturday, January 9th. The eight-day expo will include crowd favorites like the annual butter sculpture or the sheep-to-shawl contest, where contestants start by sheering a sheep and create clothing on sight.

According to the Farm Show, there will be 6,000 animals, 10,000 competitive exhibits, and 300 commercial exhibits from January 6th to the 19th. 

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Farmhands and dairy princesses watched Thursday as the Pennsylvania Farm Show's traditional centerpiece was unveiled: a massive butter sculpture.

Blinds obscuring the piece rose, revealing a butter boy having his butter cup filled with butter milk as a butter cow looks on.

The half-ton of butter was donated by Land o' Lakes in Carlisle, Cumberland County.

"I wanted to thank the dairy farmers of Pennsylvania because without their butter, we couldn't have done this sculpture," said Jim Victor, who made the piece in just over 10 days with his wife Marie Pelton.