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A Family Displaced: Life in Lebanon

As many as 700,000 Lebanese civilians have fled their homes as a result of the Israeli campaign against Hezbollah. NPR's Jackie Northam focuses in on a family from the town of Srifa, deep in south Lebanon, which came under heavy Israeli bombing in the opening days of the conflict.

The family, which includes two small daughters, is now among 800 people living in a Beirut high school. The husband and wife, both in their early 20s, share their thoughts and recollections about what happened that day; the relatives, friends, and neighbors who died; and how their home was destroyed.

They also describe leaving for Beirut, their life in a shelter, and how this conflict has changed them.

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Jackie Northam is NPR's International Affairs Correspondent. She is a veteran journalist who has spent three decades reporting on conflict, geopolitics, and life across the globe - from the mountains of Afghanistan and the desert sands of Saudi Arabia, to the gritty prison camp at Guantanamo Bay and the pristine beauty of the Arctic.