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SXSW 2008: Yo La Tengo

It seems as if Yo La Tengo was destined to become the prototypical indie-rock band. With an affinity for The Velvet Underground, a fierce independent streak, and incredible record collections, guitarist Ira Kaplan and drummer Georgia Hubley have crafted a consistent discography of smart pop music and noisy rock. Hear a concert recorded live at the Austin Music Hall in Austin, Tex., on March 13, 2008.

During the course of its 24-year existence, Yo La Tengo has released 11 full-length studio albums, collaborated with legends from Ray Davies to Jad Fair, played The Velvet Underground in I Shot Andy Warhol, and given back to its Hoboken, N.J., community by participating in marathon drives to support its local freeform radio station.

Hear the other bands from this concert: My Morning Jacket, The Whigs.

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