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An Illustrated Visit to a Bear's Lair

A bear's den isn't usually inviting — unless of course you're a bear. And a bear's den that sports a "No Visitors" sign prominently on the front door would scare away even the most fearless of beasts. Except for Mouse.

In Bonny Becker's heartwarming new book, A Visitor for Bear, bold Mouse – "small and gray and bright-eyed" — is determined to visit Bear for a cup o'tea, and Bear is equally determined to keep him away. That tension sets up a delightful tale about the persistence of one small mouse in the face of one big bear and the eventual triumph of friendship.

Kady MacDonald Denton's illustrations bring these two very different characters to life with all their quirks, like Mouse's "bright" eyes and Bear's light step, portrayed in watercolor, ink and gouache.

Scott Simon and Daniel Pinkwater preview A Visitor for Bear, and read it together, adding their own particular brand of humor.

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