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Pacifika: The Dawn Of A New Day

Pacifika's music is infused with many colors — pop sensibilities, a wash of electronic filtering, and the moving pulse of dance, all fused together to form an enchanting soundscape. The slight hoarseness in Silvana Kane's voice lends it character and wisdom, and the near-constant doubling of her vocal tracks in "Sol" deepens the song's grit. It also makes the rare phrase to be sung without filtering all the more powerful: "Seremos felicies," or "We will be happy."

A few droning notes cast their wan rays on the opening moments of "Sol," with twinkling guitars further brightening and awakening the melody. Throughout the track, Kane's voice bends around the notes, calling out to mother, father, sister and brother to join in the dawn of a new day.

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Claire Blaustein
Claire Blaustein is a freelance writer and music critic who writes for a variety of publications, including The Washington Post, Exclaim! Magazine and La Scena Musicale. She came to NPR as a Performance Today intern in 2005, and has thus far refused to leave. When not doing any of the above, she writes in her blog, I Dig Music..., and pouts until someone gives her a new CD to play with.