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SXSW 2009: Blitzen Trapper

Even though not all the members of Blitzen Trapper sport beards, every note of the band's countrified blues-rock implies facial hair of one sort or another. The easy good times of The Grateful Dead and the rollicking blues of The Allman Brothers make good points of reference — both in sound and in beard — and yet Blitzen Trapper carves out its own style. The quintet headlined NPR Music's day party from The Parish in Austin, Tex., on March 19.

Last year's Furr found its way to many year-end best-of lists, including NPR's, and with good reason: It refines the rough edges of Wild Mountain Nation without losing Blitzen Trapper's natural forward motion. Ramshackle rhythms and summery guitar solos permeate Furr, which combines a late-night jam-session quality with surprising concision.

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