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Jobs Rally Held Downtown

Activists from several local unions urged Congress today to pass a job creation measure when it returns from its August recess.

A rally outside Democratic Senator Bob Casey's Pittsburgh office drew about 20 people, toting signs that decried the conservative Tea Party movement and called for investment to create more jobs in Pennsylvania.

Steffi Domike of the United Steelworkers said her union wants the federal government to pass another stimulus package to create jobs.

"We also need to bring manufacturing back to the United States, because that's what creates wealth in any country, and we have forgotten that," said Domike."A protester at the rally The banks actually don't create wealth. It's people making products that creates wealth in a country, and America seems to have forgotten that very basic economic fact."

Domike said she also wants the federal government to end tax loopholes for large corporations, while leaving entitlement programs, like Medicare and Social Security, intact.

Organizers said while they support Senator Casey's job creation ideas, their next rally at Republican Senator Pat Toomey's Pittsburgh office won't be so friendly.