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National Republican Party Against Pennsylvania Plan to Change Electoral College Votes

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi wants to change the way the state divides its Electoral College votes, but the Republican is running into opposition from his own party's national and congressional leaders.

Pileggi's plan would divide the state's 20 Electoral College votes based on the popular vote in each congressional district, with the remaining two votes going to the candidate that gathers the most votes statewide.

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is one of many people whose plans would have to change if Pileggi's proposal is approved.

"There's going to be 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania to win regardless of whatever plan is adopted and we plan on winning all 20 together, regardless of what the state legislature decides," said Priebus at a recent party gathering in Harrisburg. However, his approach to winning those votes could be very different if the party needs to launch unique campaigns in each of the state's soon-to-be-drawn congressional districts.

The state's congressional delegation is also a bit worried about the proposal and the outside money that could pour into their districts. Congressman Joe Pitts (R- PA) said splitting the votes would jack up the price of running a campaign.

"I probably wouldn't be impacted as much in a safe Republican area so I've got to be sensitive to the concerns of some of my colleagues, who are really worried about it," said Pitts. "This could negatively impact them because rather than going to the whole state as a swing state, resources could be brought in just to their congressional districts."

Pitts said the Pennsylvania congressional delegation has a meeting with Governor Corbett Tuesday, where they plan to discuss the issue further.