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Shale Impact Fee Vote On Hold

Pennsylvania Senate leaders have been meeting behind closed doors for more than a week in an attempt to reach a compromise on a Marcellus Shale impact fee bill with the hope to bring the issue to a vote on Tuesday, but those plans have quickly fallen apart. A state Senate vote on a natural gas drilling impact fee now won't happen until mid-November.

Senate President Pro Tem Joe Scarnati said he and other lawmakers have "more in common than not in common," but they still haven't reached agreement on what level of fee to impose, nor do they have agreement on a plan for distribution of the revenue.

Governor Corbett called for a system keeping 75 percent of revenue within the counties and municipalities hosting wells.

Scarnati's new goal is to introduce a bill when the Senate returns on November 14th. He said he wants more input from his fellow Republicans, who control the Senate.