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Governor Pushes for Administrator Evaluations

As Pennsylvania lawmakers move to revise the state's system for evaluating the job performance of teachers, Governor Tom Corbett wants to see school administrators included.

Speaking in Harrisburg on Monday, the governor noted that in the most recent data, more than 99 percent of administrators were rated satisfactory. "That can't be the case," Corbett said. "I don't believe it. I don't think any of you believe that that's the case."

Corbett's four-part education agenda calls for a new system that ties teacher and administrator evalauations to students' standardized test scores. A bill that would do that has already been approved by the House Education Committee and awaits a vote in the full House.

The Senate has passed the governor's legislation on school vouchers and charter-school reforms. Corbett reminded House members not to forget about the provisions for administrator evaluations in the rush to pass those measures.