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Real Estate In Concert

Real Estate doesn't take long to set a tone of wistful, rose-colored nostalgia on Days, its second album of reverb-y beach-pop. Given that The Beach Boys made a virtually eternal career out of a similar formula — cheery romanticism that masks an undercurrent of alienated melancholy — it's easy to get behind the band's winsome charms, which are surprisingly well suited to the arrival of cool weather. The band's music may cry out to be heard through a beachside boom box on the New Jersey shore, but singer-guitarist Martin Courtney's words look back in bittersweet regret: "Our careless lifestyle / It was not so unwise," he sings in the chorus of "Green Aisles."

Real Estate performed songs from Days -- calling to mind bucolic settings and confused, hopeful youth — at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on Friday. You can listen to the entire show right here.

Set List

  • Easy
  • Green Aisles
  • Municipality
  • Out of Tune
  • It's Real
  • Wonder Years
  • In My Car
  • Younger Than Yesterday
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