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Fairness of Newest Batch of Reassessments Questioned

A lawyer who's been a vocal critic of the court-ordered reassessment process said the newest round of assessments, for the city's eastern suburbs, are flawed.

"Lower value property communities have increased in value at a higher rate than more affluent communities, basically it doesn't make any sense," said Don Driscoll, attorney with the Community Justice Project.

Many of the complaints mirror those that came after Pittsburgh and Mount Oliver got their reassessed values late last year. Among them, that the values are inconsistent with properties next to one another having vastly differing values and values being much higher than the amount paid for recently sold homes.

Property owners unhappy with the reassessments got a bit of a reprieve – the values won't be used for taxable purposed until at least 2013. The hope is that through the appeals process and other means, issues can be addressed.

"I'm hoping the county will have the will and ability to fix it before these things become effective. I think that's what they would like to do, and they should have the time to do it," said Driscoll.

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