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PennFuture’s Top Attorney to Replace CEO

The head of one of Pennsylvania's leading environmental organization has left her post. Jan Jarrett had been with the Harrisburg-based Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future since it was founded 13 years ago. PennFuture senior attorney George Jugovic, Jr. is replacing her.

Along with his experience with PennFuture, Jugovic is the former southwest regional director for the state Department of Environmental Protection.
A few months back, Jarrett had come under scrutiny and PennFuture eventually returned a state grant because of allegations the money had not been spent as intended. The group's spokeswoman, Jeanne Clark, said that conflict was NOT the impetus for Jarrett's resignation.
While the organization described Jarrett's departure as a resignation, PennFuture spokeswoman Jeanne Clark said the board had been discussing a change of focus for a while.

Clark said that new focus involves a renewed emphasis on legal work.

Jugovic said the group does not discriminate on whom it will help. "Whether it's a trucker, hospital, municipality or a gas company doesn't matter to us," said Jugovic. "What matters is whether the case will set good legal precedence and public benefit that could be derived."