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Garden Marketplace Back For Another Year

With warmer temperatures coming a bit early to the region this year, many people are gearing up for gardening. Pittsburghers with a green thumb can get a jump on their garden shopping at this year's Garden Marketplace in Fox Chapel.

The marketplace, open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Saturday, is provided by the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Cooperative Extension (Penn State Extension). It will host more than 30 vendors selling plants, gardening equipment, and garden art.

Nancy Knauss with Penn State Extension said the marketplace is held yearly in conjunction with a symposium on gardening.

"The attendees have kept requesting that we offer plants and garden-related items for sale because they would go to these lectures and then be all charged up to purchase plants," said Knauss. "And they said 'please try to set up a marketplace.' So, we solicited some vendors and we've had great response."

Knauss said because they invite many sellers, gardeners get the chance to buy plants and flowers that can be hard to come by.

She said shoppers this year can take advantage of "Ten-Minute Tips" lectures.

"If you want to take a break while you're shopping, you can visit that special area that we've set aside where some of the vendors and master gardeners are going to offer these quick little tips about some really timely topics for gardeners."

Knauss said some of the talks' topics will include trees and how to manage tree disease, favorite tools, rain gardens, and increasing curb appeal.

The marketplace takes place inside the ice rink at Shady Side Academy Senior School in Fox Chapel. Parking and admission are free.