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2 More Alleged Victims Testify Against Sandusky

The fourth alleged victim to testify at former Penn state assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky's child molestation trial, told jurors he only told his parents last year about the abuse he endured at the hands of Sandusky.

The now 27 year old man said he met Sandusky through his Second Mile charity and had more personal contact with him after attending a Penn State home game with Sandusky's family.

The accuser says Sandusky was "wrapping himself around me, holding me tightly" when he slept over at his house. He described showering with Sandusky on a number of occasions and, he says Sandusky touched him beneath his clothes.

Earlier Wednesday another alleged victim testified that the former Penn State assistant football coach pinned him down and performed oral sex on him, and then told him he'd "never see his family again" if he told anyone.

The now 25 year old man, identified as Victim 10, testified that he and Sandusky were wrestling in the basement of Sandusky's State College home when the molestation occurred.

Victim 10 had been in foster care at the time of the alleged assault. Under cross-examination, the man testified he was the camp roommate of another Sandusky accuser.

The 68-year-old Sandusky has denied allegations of abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period.

One of the key witnesses who is not an alleged victim took the stand Tuesday afternoon. Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary testified to hearing "slapping noises" and seeing Sandusky standing behind a boy in a Penn State shower in 2001.

The defense tried to poke holes in McQueary's testimony, asking why he originally said the incident that he supposedly witnessed was in 2002 and then later said it occurred in 2001. McQueary replied early on he was unsure of the year. The defense asked why he said the boy was 10-12 years old and then gave an even wider age range.

McQueary replied, quote, "If we want to argue about 9, 10, 11, 12, the fact is he had sex with a minor — a boy."

McQueary said he told head football coach Joe Paterno, who relayed it to his superiors, including the administrative head of campus police. Paterno was fired days after Sandusky's arrest in November, and school trustees later cited, in part, a failure to do more to alert outside authorities. Paterno died in January.

Meantime, the lawyer for former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz says Schultz didn't possess "secret files."

The attorney was responding to reports that investigators have emails in which Schultz and the university's then-president Graham Spanier discuss not alerting child welfare authorities to McQueary's report of Jerry Sandusky showering with a boy.

Schultz's lawyer, Tom Farrell, issued a statement last night that said all his files were left behind when he retired, and blamed "unidentified law enforcement sources" for what he said was inaccurate public disclosure of secret grand jury information.

A university spokesman said emails were discovered in the course of a Penn State-funded investigation of the Sandusky scandal and immediately turned over to state prosecutors.

For more information on the Sandusky trial, we have summaries of the first day of testimony, and testimony from Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon.