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The Clarks Are Still Rockin'


In the mid 1980's four local guys got together at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to "give rock and roll a try." Nearly 30 years later, The Clarks are still together and still giving it a go.

Scott Blasey, Greg Joseph, Rob James, and Dave Minarik all had different ideas about what post-college life might be like. They never imagined that they'd become emblematic of Pittsburgh for a brand of music that reflects the city's energy and vitality.

Now The Clarks are just that. Many people consider them to be "Pittsburgh's house band." They've made a career in rock and roll, but have also remained unaffected by that lifestyle, continuing to live lives that are quite similar to the lives of their fans.

Essential Public Radio's Bob Studebaker had a chance to talk to the members of Pittsburgh's favorite rock and roll band and listen to some of their tunes.