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Flight 93 Memorial To Add Educational Displays

Informational panels will be displayed at each of the three roadside pull-off areas at the Flight 93 National Memorial site within the next ten days.

Jeff Reinbold, memorial superintendent, says the 24-by-36 inch standing exhibit panels are a prelude to more changes to be made in the near future.

"This will kick off what will be a real focus on education over the next couple of years," Reinbold said. "We hope to break ground on the visitor's center complex in the spring of next year and have that completed hopefully by September of 2014."

One of the panels aims to educate visitors about the land's history.

"A lot of people come to the site and don't realize that this was an active deep mine and surface mine in the past," Reinbold said. "So we'll talk a little bit about the transition from that to the memorial landscape people see today."

Another panel overlooks the town of Lambertsville, where the aircraft flew overhead before it crashed on September 11, 2001 in Shanksville, Somerset County about 80 miles east of Pittsburgh. Reinbold said the staff has collected accounts of residents who were at their homes that day and what they experienced as the plane came over their heads.

"We have recorded histories of over 700 people who were eyewitnesses that day or knew the passengers or crew or were somehow connected to September 11th or to Flight 93," Reinbold said. "This is one of our first chances to take those recordings and pull out pieces of them that we incorporated into the narrative on the panels."