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Families Serving the Community Together

50 adults and 50 children from all over Pittsburgh will gather at the Lincoln Park Community Center in Penn Hills Saturday to help organize and refurbish the community center, as well as help out with the food pantry operated by the center. 

Pittsburgh Cares, a philanthropic organization for the area, will host the event.  While Family Volunteer Day is a national event, this will mark the first time Pittsburgh has participated.

Holly McGraw-Turkovic, the Director of Youth Programs for Pittsburgh Cares, said the day is simply about helping as a family.

“This national day of service is a day for families: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children, all to come out on one day to serve to give back to the community.”

McGraw-Turkovic said parents get the opportunity to teach their children the purpose of volunteering.

“Often times parents volunteer with their employer or on their own time, and sometimes kids volunteer with their schools or a community organization that they belong to,” she said. “So when parents and children volunteer together, they’re experiencing the same project or the same giving experience.”

According to Pittsburgh Cares, National Family Volunteer Day is designed to show the benefits of serving together and to encourage those who have not yet made the commitment to volunteer as a family.