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Gas Leak Found Near Water Main Break Downtown

Equitable Gas crews have found a dime-sized hole in a gas line next to a water main break on Fort Pitt Boulevard. The 20 inch line was damaged when a waterline burst early Thursday morning. The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority thought the repairs to the 12 inch water main would be finished Thursday night, but the smell of gas alerted crews to the leak. Equitable Gas spokesman Scott Waitlevertch said repairs are underway and expects to have the job finished in the next few hours,

"Our hope is to turn over the site to the Water Authority to they can finish their repairs to the water main break."

He said the PWSA's crews are standing by and doing preliminary work. They will get started when safety checks have been completed.

Streets downtown continue to be blocked off because of the ongoing work. Fort Pitt Boulevard is closed from Smithfield Street to Market Street. Wood Street is also closed from the Boulevard of the Allies to Fort Pitt Boulevard.

Waitlevertch said they have been monitoring nearby buildings to makes sure their gas remains at safe levels.