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KEXP Presents: Strand Of Oaks

Music has always provided catharsis, relief and healing. But few artists tap directly into that power the way Tim Showalter has: His Strand Of Oaks project goes so far as to name its most recent album Heal. Like pages from a diary, the Philly songwriter's lyrics delve into moments of crisis, frustration and, ultimately, inspiration that couldn't be more true to life. These are, after all, Showalter's own stories — basically "comic-book origin stories," as he says in his insightful interview with Morning Show's John Richards.

Most importantly, Showalter's pull-no-punches approach on Heal's muscular and anthemic — and, yes, healing — songs turns his moments into ours, making it hard not to relate to his every word.


  • "Shut In"
  • Watch the rest of Strand Of Oaks' performance on KEXP's YouTube channel.

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    Jim Beckmann
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