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Paul Thorn On Mountain Stage

Paul Thorn.
Paul Thorn.

Irascible, fun and irreverent, Paul Thorn embodies the spirit of his songs. Thorn, who sometimes describes himself as "the second most famous singer from Tupelo, Miss.," was once a successful prizefighter who knocked down legendary boxer Roberto Durán in the ring. Long before that, he'd developed a knack for storytelling thanks to the oratory skills he learned from his father, an evangelical preacher. The result is a sound once described as "taking a six-pack to church."

Thorn is backed for this set by his longtime road band, featuring Bill Hinds on lead guitar, Ralph Friedrichsen on bass, drummer Jeffrey Perkins and Michael Graham on keys. Paul Thorn's latest album is titled Too Blessed To Be Stressed.


  • "What The Hell Is Going On?"
  • "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
  • "Mediocrity Is King"
  • "This Is A Real Goodbye"
  • "Lucky Man"
  • "Everybody Needs Somebody"
  • "Bull Mountain Bridge"
  • "Mission Temple"
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