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The Holmes Brothers On Mountain Stage

The Holmes Brothers.
The Holmes Brothers.

Sherman and Wendell Holmes, along with their honorary brother Popsy Dixon, are The Holmes Brothers. The band has been making music for more than four decades, having grown up in a small Virginia town where playing music on Saturday night and Sunday morning was a requirement. They later relocated to New York City, where their mix of gospel, country and R&B found a much wider audience. Their fans have included musical heavyweights like Bob Dylan, Levon Helm and Patti Smith, and they've served as mentors to the likes of Joan Osborne and Blues Traveler.

The band recently won a prestigious NEA National Heritage Fellowship for artistic excellence. Its latest album is titled, appropriately enough, Brotherhood.


  • "Drivin' In The Driving Rain"
  • "Soldier Of Love"
  • "My Word Is My Bond"
  • "Stayed At The Party"
  • "The Darkest Hour"
  • "Amazing Grace"
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