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Broken Water, 'Love And Poverty'

There's something oddly satisfying about repetitive patterns and tasks — the normal becomes tranquil. For example, the website , which is exactly what it sounds like, takes glee in the simple pleasure of, well, everyday things. In the rhythmic video for Broken Water's "Love And Poverty," the dreamy Olympia noise-pop band gathers up its friends in Hysterics, Vex and Gag — as well as Priests' Katie Alice Greer — to stack books, line up strips of paper, lay down plates and burn dandelions.

Broken Water member Kanako Pooknyw, who co-directed the video with Nandan Rao, writes:

These images create a visual space in which both subjects and viewers can meditate on the various objects; themes emerge of disconnection, materialism, pattern-making, human physicality, escapism and the endless internal landscape.

Like the best ideas, it came together quickly after Rao had finished shooting a film and suggested that Pooknyw make a video.

At 11 the next morning, I texted a few dozen friends, and by 9 p.m. we had been to 13 locations and shot 16 people. This was an amplification of my connectedness to my immediate artistic community and everyone's willingness to be supportive and give energy to my last-minute, slacker-style production. I could only do this because of my scene.

"Love And Poverty" is from a new album due out early 2015. Broken Water is currently on a tour of the East Coast.

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