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Blake Mills On Mountain Stage

Blake Mills.
Blake Mills.

Blake Mills makes his first appearance on Mountain Stage, recorded live in Charleston, W.Va. Once a member of the California rock band Simon Dawes (which later became Dawes), Mills has spent the past few years collaborating with the likes of Sara Watkins, Conor Oberst, Fiona Apple and Billy Gibbons, to name a few. Mills is a gifted and original guitarist, prompting none other than Eric Clapton to say, "Blake Mills is the last guitarist I heard that I thought was phenomenal."

Mills plays an incredible array of modified guitars and oddball tube amplifiers on stage, yielding a wildly unpredictable sound. He's joined by Sebastian Steinberg on bass, drummer Stuart Johnson, Tyler Chester on keyboards and violinist Rob Moose.


  • "Unworthy"
  • "Hey Lover"
  • "Gold Coast Sinkin"
  • "Three Weeks In Havana"
  • "Seven"
  • "Tomorrow Night"
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