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Larkin Poe On Mountain Stage

Larkin Poe.
Larkin Poe.

The Atlanta duo Larkin Poe makes its first appearance on Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, W.Va.

Members Rebecca and Megan Lovell have appeared on the show once before, along with their sister Jessica, as bluegrass trio The Lovell Sisters. After taking a break from that project in 2009, the two took the name of their great-great-great-grandfather and adopted a raucous Southern rock sound that got them nicknamed "the little sisters of the Allman Brothers."

The Lovells are renowned for their straight-up musicianship — no doubt a product of the years they spent honing their chops as bluegrass musicians. They've even found work on the side as backing musicians for hire, having worked with Elvis Costello, Conor Oberst and Kristian Bush of Sugarland. Larkin Poe's newest album is titled Kin.


  • "Wade In The Water"
  • "Stubborn Love"
  • "Don't"
  • "Jailbreak"
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