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Chuck Johnson, 'Silver Teeth In The Sun'

With a couple decades of avant-rock and electronic composition under his fingers, Chuck Johnson is at his most conversational in Blood Moon Boulder. His third album of solo acoustic guitar music can be steady and beautiful, then answer with a soul-stirring quake. The North Carolina-reared, Oakland-based musician tells NPR, "The tunes on the new LP have the inevitable influence of the geography of Northern California. But at the same time, you can take the boy out of the South..."

You can hear and see Northern California in this video for the hypnotic "Silver Teeth In The Sun," filmed by Date Palms' Marielle Jakobsons, who also plays violin on the album. Johnson tells NPR:

The interior shot is a small cabin in what used to be a Zen commune outside of Mendocino proper. The outdoor shots are mostly from the same property — full of redwoods, blooming cherry trees, piles of old wood from torn-down structures. A couple of shots are from the beach nearby.

Blood Moon Boulder comes out June 29 on Scissor Tail.

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