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In Free Cake For Every Creature's New Video, Love Is A Floating Doughnut

If your twee-dar's going off, it's because Free Cake For Every Creature's song "For You" is as cute as a one-inch button pinned to a thrift-store jacket. The VHS-quality video is equally adorable, shot on the streets of Philly on a budget befitting the back half of MTV's 120 Minutes, replete with floating doughnuts and questionably successful high kicks.

Though the project started as a series of four-track recordings made in upstate New York by Katie Bennett, Free Cake For Every Creature now makes quiet pop songs as a band in Philly. Think of earnestly sweet groups like The Softies and Cub, when "twee" meant a rejection of cool — before it became an unfortunate shorthand pejorative for preciousness.

From its fumbling flange guitar to its staggered guy/gal vocals to Bennett's ooh-ooh's — which reside halfway between a hiccup and a giggle — the ramshackle "For You" is a love song that blows an awkward kiss. Bennett plays with the ordinary to express puppy love (or perhaps romantic boredom), comparing love to onion rings, gumball machines, the brownie in a TV dinner ("But I don't want to save you for later") and poetic defacement in the most blah of places: "For you I'd write a s***** poem / On a the wall of a dressing room at JC Penney."

Talking Quietly Of Anything With You comes out April 15 on Double Double Whammy.

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