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Ultimate Painting's 'Song For Brian Jones' Finds Tension In Quiet

Dusk is Ultimate Painting's third album in three years, but the London duo still sounds like it takes time to get moving. The guitars of Jack Cooper (Mazes) and James Hoare (Veronica Falls) loop in and out of each other like rubber bands, taut one moment and wobbly the next. Where past records crossed Velvet Underground's third album with a paradoxically easygoing motorik beat, Dusk expands the duo's pop sensibilities, finding tension in quiet melodies.

Shot at James Hoare's home studio off Green Lanes in East London, the "Song For Brian Jones" video features their guitars, keyboards and reel-to-reel machine double-exposed with mountains and rivers. Named for the late Rolling Stones founder, the song is a moody and shifty piece of psychedelic pop. Guitars tangle with soft harmonies and light Wurlitzer like night moving in slow motion, casting strange shadows against the asphalt. "It's all in my mind, paranoia and the fires burning wild," the duo sings. "It's all in my mind, buried deep, but the truth's there to find."

Dusk comes out Sept. 30 on Trouble In Mind.

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