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First Watch: Deap Vally, 'Gonnawanna'

In the sun-dappled world of Los Angeles duo Deap Vally, everyone is free to be anyone or anything they want — even if that's a neon-pink yeti strutting on the beach with a surfboard. "I'm gonna do it 'cause I wanna," the band sings over and over in a new video for "Gonnawanna"; meanwhile, the defiant creature trolls the beach, ignoring a gaggle of sunbathers who snicker and gawk.

"I knew that this song needed a surf-themed video when I first heard it," director Eva Michon tells NPR Music in an email. "I wanted there to be a character in it that just does exactly what they want despite what other people may think. Somehow that translated into a giant pink yeti played by my husband, f***ing up a day at the beach for characters in a campy '50s-themed movie. Julie [Edwards] and Lindsey [Troy] stand up to the yeti, but in the end it's about everyone learning that they're happier dancing together than fighting with each other."

"Gonnawanna" is from Deap Vally's upcoming full-length album Femejism, which was produced by Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner and is due out Sept. 16 on Nevado Music.

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Robin Hilton is a producer and co-host of the popular NPR Music show All Songs Considered.