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Hear Career Suicide's Furious 'Distractions'

Career Suicide.
Angela Owens
Courtesy of the artist
Career Suicide.

There's still power in three chords played loud and fast. With a name like Career Suicide, you'd better believe that's true. Now 15 years into the band's existence, vocalist Martin Farkas, guitarist Jonah Falco (who also plays drums in F***** Up) and a revolving cast of musicians crank out '80s-inspired hardcore with the passion of teenagers discovering D.O.A. and Circle Jerks for the first time.

Machine Response is the Toronto band's first full-length album in more than a decade, and it's just as reckless as ever. Here's "Distractions," which, in all of 80 seconds, vacillates between demented rock 'n' roll swagger and uncut fury.

Machine Response comes out Feb. 24 via Deranged.

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