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Top Stories: Russian Subway Blast; Deadly Louisiana Tornado

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Louisiana Mother And Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Are Killed In Tornado.

-- Deadly Blast Rips Through Russian Metro Station, Russian State Media Report.

And here are more early headlines:

Trump Says U.S. Could Go It Alone Against North Korea. (CNN)

Trump Welcoming Egyptian Leader To White House. (Guardian)

Kushner Visits Iraq On Unannounced Visit. (New York Times)

Senate Committee To Vote On Supreme Court Nominee Today. (NBC)

Colombia Says At Least 254 Dead In Mudslide. (Reuters)

Leftist Candidate Wins Close Ecuadorian Presidential Election. (Financial Times)

New Talks On Northern Ireland New Powersharing Government. (Belfast Telegraph)

Crude Oil Stops Leaking From Alaska Pipe; Spread Unknown. (Alaska Dispatch)

Actress Doris Day Is Actually 95, Not 93. (People)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.