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Protomartyr, 'Pontiac 87' (Live At Pickathon)

The Detroit-based band Protomartyr played the Woods Stage on the final day of Pickathon 2016, giving a Sunday-afternoon crowd a jolt of energy and a set of smart and unsettling songs. "Pontiac 87" begins with frontman Joe Casey describing the scene during the Pope's visit to the Silverdome in 1987 — the jumping-off point for a song about a slide into brutality and greed. "Pontiac 87" is from the band's acclaimed third release, The Agent Intellect.

This is the latest episode from the Pickathon Woods Series, hand-picked by opbmusic to showcase some of the most exciting performances captured from the three-day Pickathon festival held each summer in Happy Valley, Ore. Look for the next premiere in May.

Set List

  • "Pontiac 87"
  • Photo credit: Liam Gillies/Pickathon.

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