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Buildings, Noise-Rock Professionals, Offer A 'Mouth Gift'

Buildings' new album, <em>You Are Not One Of Us</em>, comes out April 21.
Courtesy of the artist
Buildings' new album, You Are Not One Of Us, comes out April 21.

Buildings' noise-rock is like a burrito supreme sprayed across the windshield: gross, hilarious, awesome. On its third album, You Are Not One Of Us, the Minneapolis trio has become far more adept at wrapping its angular riffs around punk, noise-rock and post-hardcore with a certain amount of dexterity. Buildings' have a bit of that Jesus Lizard nastiness, but with the determined backbone and heady chops of Dazzling Killmen.

Take a listen to "Mouth Gift" — that rhythm section boogies with a sneer; hip-shakin' and headbangin' all at once. But watch out for its last minute, as the band whips up a Red-era King Crimson full-frontal attack. Prepare to be burrito supreme'd.

You Are Not One Of Uscomes out April 28 on Gilead Media (U.S.) and (Europe). Buildings goes on a European tour in April and May.

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