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Heather Trost's Nostalgic Pop Goes Eastern Bloc In 'Agistri' Video

We often label new music "out-of-time" when its touchstones are from the past. But what does that time mean when it spans decades and cultures, swirled into nonlinear pop songs that glide the spaceways?

On the debut solo album from A Hawk And A Hacksaw's Heather Trost, Agistri, '60s and '70s psychedelic pop get synthesized with soul and samba in a spaghetti-westernized landscape. Her backing band consists of Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeremy Barnes on drums and bass, Deerhoof's John Dieterich on guitar and Drake Hardin and Rosie Hutchinson from the New Mexico band Mammal Eggs.

It's fitting then that the video for the title track, directed by Naomi Yang, channels the delightfully cheesy and psychedelic late-night performances seen on Eastern European television of yesteryear. (You've seen at least one of these and it goes trololololo....) Long microphones, stilted choreography, mixed pattern fabrics — it's all here.

Agistri comes out June 2 and is available to pre-order from Living Music Duplication.

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