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Warren Zevon On Mountain Stage

From <em>Mountain Stage</em>'s archives, the original tape of Warren Zevon's 1991 performance.
Josh Saul
Mountain Stage
From Mountain Stage's archives, the original tape of Warren Zevon's 1991 performance.

From the Mountain Stage archives: a little-heard performance from gifted singer-songwriter-rocker Warren Zevon, recorded live Nov. 17, 1991, at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, W.Va. Zevon was a beloved cult hero in the world of rock music. Born in Chicago but raised on the West Coast, he began his music career as a classical piano student before broadening his admiration of Stravinsky to The Everly Brothers, folk and pop. His stoic vocals and gallows songwriting led to critical acclaim and popular success, eventually leading to his 1978 hit "Werewolves Of London." Although he could certainly be "Mr. Bad Example," Zevon was an artist's artist, one whom Mountain Stage was fortunate to welcome to the program twice before his death in 2003 at the age of 56.

At the time of this 1991 performance, Warren Zevon had just released his eighth studio album, Mr. Bad Example, on Giant Records.


  • "That's Amore / Lawyers, Guns & Money"
  • "Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner"
  • "Accidentally Like A Martyr"
  • "Renegade"
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