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SZA Dances Alone In 'The Weekend' Video, Directed By Solange

There is a loneliness to SZA's Ctrlthat desperately reaches out, a resilience through insecurity that sings with solidarity. It's a record that, as NPR's Ann Powers puts it, examines "the reality of a woman — a multifaceted, evolving being who makes mistakes and constantly recalibrates as she determines how to be herself — confronting the omnipresence of masculine power as an everyday reality that still won't defeat her." These are just a few of many reasons why Ctrl was our No. 2 album of 2017, and "The Weekend" was our No. 9 song.

Now "The Weekend" has a video directed by Solange, filmed in a parking lot, the balcony of a Brutalist-style building and an art studio. In the song, SZA is the other woman taking power from the man who cheats, but in the video, she takes space to dance alone, with her own power.

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