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Sara Watkins On Mountain Stage

Brian Blauser
Mountain Stage

Southern Californian Sara Watkins has made seven appearances on Mountain Stage, including two with Nickel Creek and three since she launched her solo career in 2009 with her self-titled debut.

In this appearance, Watkins performs songs from Young In All The Wrong Ways, released in 2016, which she calls "a break-up album with myself." The record was produced by Punch Brothers' Gabe Witcher. The songs are filled with assured confidence and an edge of defiance, like when she sings, "I've gone the miles and God knows I've got the fight" in the title track. There's an especially sympathetic tone in "Tenderhearted," and a wistful narrative to "Like New Year's Day," co-written with Dan Wilson.

This set features tasteful acoustic and electric guitar work by Davíd Garza, simultaneous percussion and key-bass by Michael Libramento and Watkins playing guitars and fiddle.


  • "One Last Time"
  • "Like New Year's Day"
  • "Young In All The Wrong Ways"
  • "Tenderhearted"
  • "Move Me"
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