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Mt. Joy On World Cafe

What if your goal was to just write some good songs? What if you and your longtime friend did that and then went back to your day jobs at a law firm and in the music industry? Then what if everything changed? Your song gets 10 millions plays on Spotify, you are spotlighted by NPR Music, you perform live on Conanand you sign a major label deal — and all before your debut album's release!

In a nutshell, that is the whirlwind story of Mt. Joy, who is releasing its self-titled debut album on March 2. It's a charming affair, filled with beautiful vocals and melodies that are one listen away from being ingrained in your head. Seriously, "Silver Lining" is playing on repeat in my brain!

Founded in the Philadelphia area by Matt Quinn and Sam Cooper, the band's ambitions were to records songs. And that's what they did, before heading back to their day jobs, as a manager in the music industry and as a lawyer. Everything changed, though, when they uploaded the song "Astrovan" to Spotify.

In this session, we talk to Matt and Sam about what it was like to quit their jobs to pursue their musical ambitions, what they get asked about on Facebook, and how long it took to craft their amazing first single, "Silver Lining." Enjoy this live performance and interview in the player above.

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