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Nikki Webber Allen: How Can We Dismantle The Stigma Of Mental Illness?

Part 2 of theTED Radio Hour episodeConfronting Stigma.

About Nikki Webber Allen's TED Talk

After her nephew's suicide, Nikki Webber Allen began to speak out about mental illness — including her own. She explains why the stigma keeps people, particularly people of color, from seeking help.

About Nikki Webber Allen

Nikki Webber Allen is a two-time Emmy Award winning TV producer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She is a passionate mental health advocate and founder of the "I LIVE FOR ... FOUNDATION, INC." a nonprofit that uses storytelling and media to address the stigma surrounding mental health in communities of color. She's currently working on a documentary film on the subject.

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