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From The Vault: Jade Bird On FUV Live

"We're all reaching for something American," Jade Bird sings on the title track off her 2017 EP, Something American. WFUV's Rita Houston sat down with the British singer-songwriter to talk about her debut and musical influences.

"The literal meaning of that is a young girl across the pond looking over?," Houston asks.

"Yeah, exactly," Bird says, "And kind of comparing the relationship and wanting it to be kind of that cliché romance — reminiscing almost — like 'We could have had something American, but you went and chose the obvious thing.' It's kind of a play on clichés."

Bird also plays the lead single from the EP, "Cathedral," which is a smart take on a different cliché. "This song's about running away from a wedding," she explains.

Houston lets Bird play DJ for a second and choose a song to end the session. To find out what track she selected, listen to the full session and interview in the audio player, and catch the episode online at

This episode was recorded July 18, 2017 and originally aired in August 2017.

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