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Pinkshinyultrablast's Phantasmal Dream-Pop Finally Gets Its Own Planet

Pinkshinyultrablast's phantasmal dream-pop has always sounded like it should score a video game — maybe a cross between the lush world-building RPG of Final Fantasy and the brightly-colored puzzles of Bomberman. As the St. Petersburg-based trio has quickly evolved over three albums in four years, its sonic landscape has become less unruly and more focused on sprightly moods that hop, skip and jump like characters across a screen. Lucky for us, Pinkshinyultrablast has finally made a music video set in its own digital planet.

"I was inspired equally by the landscapes of both Bruegel and certain video game level select menus (Mario, Katamari) to make a music video set on a musical mini-planet where all the band members united to play this song," vocalist Lyubov says of the band's new video. "The nesting of the cubes creates an interesting illusion of receding countryside that reminded me of early animation 3D techniques explored by Disney and Fleischer Studios."

"Dance AM" leads off the band's forthcoming album Miserable Miracles with Pinkshinyultrablast in a hypnagogic synth-pop mode. Likewise, director Jared Hutchinson's video sets the band in a dreamland, as Lyubov dances deliriously from a blissful night that's bled into morning on a fantastical planet.

Miserable Miracles comes out May 4 viaClub AC30.

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