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Arc Iris Offers Up Optimism In 'If You Can See' Video

Four years ago, Jocie Adams of The Low Anthem, stepped aside from the Rhode Island band she was a member of to begin the next evolution in her musical career as lead singer for Arc Iris. This Friday, Arc Iris will release its third album, Icon Of Ego, via Ba Da Bing Records. On it, Adams collaborates with her band mates — keyboardist/sample artist Zach Tenorio-Miller and drummer Ray Belli — on a collection of songs that bridge avant-pop with her folksy, musical roots.

Today, World Cafe premieres the video for "If You Can See" from the forthcoming album. Lovingly made while walking around downtown Providence, R.I., the song is ebullient and optimistic, an "up with people" anthem we all could use in these divisive times, regardless of the side you're on.

The first thing you see in the video are faces, lots of them. Most are smiling. There are old folks and young folk, and people of all colors. These are everyday people, moving along to the song, all mouthing small phrases of it as Adams sings:

If you believe
The world can be better
Those tricks and disguises
Won't minimalize your fears

Where did you come from
Where are you going to
If its not what you dreamed of
Then how can we take you there

The video culminates with everyone singing repeatedly in unison "we can work together" that results in a boost of emotional inspiration.

"'If You Can See' is a reminder that the world is giving us gifts of support and love from many places all of the time," Adams says via email. "We need to remember and acknowledge the good as well as the bad in order to maintain our positivity, which is needed to create change. If we all consider our grumpy egos to be justified by our ideas of a dystopian present and future, there is no motivation to be conscientious. Here we offer a 'keep your chin up' song for everyone. Life is hard. Don't forget to vote."

Icon Of Ego is out Oct. 12 via Ba Da Bing Records. Arc Iris begin a tour in Providence, R.I. this month that lasts through the start of 2019. Check out the band's full tour dates here.

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