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Stephen Petranek: How Will Humans Live On Mars?

Part 2 of theTED Radio Hour episodeThe Next Frontier.

About Stephen Petranek's TED Talk

Stephen Petranek says, in the next decade, we will send humans to colonize Mars. He lays out the technology--from water-extraction to bricks made of Martian soil--that'll make life possible there.

About Stephen Petranek

Stephen Petranek is a science writer and technologist. He is the author of How We'll Live on Mars, and editor-in-chief of the technology newsletter Breakthrough Technology Alert.

Over the course of his 40-year publishing career, he's been editor-in-chief of Discover, senior science editor atLife Magazine, editor of The Washington Post Magazine, and founding editor and editor-in-chief of This Old House.

Petranek is also the co-founder and president of Arc Programs, an organization seeking to bring together health, IT, and biomedicine.

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