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Lightning Fill In The Blank


Now it's time for our final game, Lightning Fill In The Blank. Each of our players will have 60 seconds in which to answer as many fill-in-the-blank questions as they can. Each correct answer is now worth two points. Bill, can you give us the scores?

BILL KURTIS: Dulce has two. Adam has three. And Mo has three.

SAGAL: All right.


SAGAL: Dulce, you're in third place. You're up first. The clock will start when I begin your first question. Fill in the blank. On Thursday, millions of pages of blank's financial records were turned over to Manhattan district attorneys.

SLOAN: The orange man.

SAGAL: We'll give it to you.


SAGAL: Despite pressure from the White House, Louis DeJoy said he would not resign as the head of the blank.

SLOAN: Secretary of the Interior?

SAGAL: No, it's actually the post office. On Monday, Virginia became the first Southern state to abolish blank.

SLOAN: Slavery.

SAGAL: No, the death penalty.


SAGAL: After being pulled over by police for reckless driving, a man in Florida told them blank.

SLOAN: Get off my lawn.

SAGAL: He said, I'm sorry. I didn't know reckless driving was illegal. On Sunday, United announced that they would take two dozen planes out of service after a 777 suffered blank right after takeoff.

SLOAN: Engine failure.

SAGAL: Right.


SAGAL: Following a surprise deep freeze, some families in blank were charged over $10,000 on their electric bills.

SLOAN: In Houston.

SAGAL: Texas, yes.


SAGAL: This week, a drug-sniffing dog...


SAGAL: ...In Ohio alerted authorities to a shipment of Frosted Flakes that were blank.

SLOAN: Full of drugs?

SAGAL: Yeah, they were frosted with cocaine.


SAGAL: The box...

SLOAN: That's just a waste of cocaine.

SAGAL: Well, the boxes of cereal, which were intercepted by customs officials as they traveled from South America to Hong Kong, were dusted with over $2 million worth of cocaine. The drug-sniffing dog was the first indication that something was up. But officers had their suspicions confirmed when they noticed that the Tony the tiger printed on the box had a nosebleed.

MO ROCCA: Tony Montana the tiger.


SAGAL: All right. Bill, how did Dulce do on our quiz?

KURTIS: Dulce had four right for eight more points. She now has 10 and the lead.

SAGAL: That was a fine showing. OK, Adam, you're up next. Fill in the blank. On Tuesday, security officials testified on departmental failings during the assault on the blank in January.


SAGAL: Right.


SAGAL: This week, Dr. Fauci warned that Americans may still need to wear blanks until 2022.

FELBER: Masks.

SAGAL: Right.


SAGAL: During their first official meeting, President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister blank vowed to work together to fight climate change.

FELBER: Trudeau.

SAGAL: Right.


SAGAL: This week, officials in Minnesota held a Name Our Snowplow contest, but they rejected one of the top entries - blank.

FELBER: Mr. Plow.

SAGAL: No, Abolish ICE. Get it?


SAGAL: After Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressed concerns over cryptocurrencies, blank's price dropped by 20%.

FELBER: Bitcoin.

SAGAL: Right.


SAGAL: Following a rollover crash on Tuesday, golfer blank wound up in the hospital with leg injuries.

FELBER: Tiger Woods.

SAGAL: Right.


SAGAL: According to court records...


SAGAL: ...A man in Scotland required medical attention after he got his tongue bitten off in a fight and then blank.

FELBER: Tried to dance.

SAGAL: No, then a seagull swooped down and ate it.

SLOAN: (Laughter).

SAGAL: I know. Officers who were at the scene say the man got into a fight with a woman after they bumped into each other on the street. She then bit off a part of his tongue, which was immediately scooped up by a nearby seagull, who ate it.

FELBER: That old story.

SAGAL: Though it seems like an open-and-shut case, the woman got away scot-free because the prosecution's only witness was the man, and no one could understand what he was saying.

ROCCA: Wait a minute. Isn't tongue, like, kind of like a Jewish delicacy, right? Like...

SAGAL: It is.


ROCCA: So maybe it wasn't a seagull; maybe it was a Siegel.

SLOAN: (Laughter).

FELBER: Ah, it could have been a Siegel, could've been Nate Siegel.

SAGAL: Bill, how did Adam do on our quiz?

KURTIS: He got five right for 10 more points. He now has 13, and that gives him the lead.

SAGAL: Congratulations. That was pretty good. How many then does Mo need to win?

KURTIS: Mo needs five to tie, six to win.

SAGAL: All right.

SLOAN: I believe in you, Mo.

SAGAL: Here we go, Mo. This is for the game. In a televised address on Monday, President Biden memorialized the 500,000 Americans who lost their lives to blank.



SAGAL: Yes. On Wednesday, West Virginia Senator blank said he would support Biden's choice for Secretary of the Interior.

ROCCA: Joe Manchin.

SAGAL: Right.


SAGAL: This week, the FDA confirmed that Johnson & Johnson's blank was safe and effective.

ROCCA: Vaccine.



SAGAL: On Monday, Dominion Voting Systems sued Michael Lindell, the founder of blank, for $1.3 billion.

ROCCA: MyPillow.



SAGAL: Twitter announced a new feature that will allow certain users to blank.

ROCCA: To charge for their tweets.

SAGAL: Exactly right.


SAGAL: After its huge rally a month ago, shares in blank once again jumped over a hundred percent on Wednesday.

ROCCA: GameStop.



SAGAL: Government officials in Bahrain...


SAGAL: ...Are asking residents to please be aware of how they're disposing of the country's national dish. Otherwise, seagulls will blank.

ROCCA: They'll choke.

SAGAL: No, they'll eat all the leftovers and then get too fat to fly. Machboos, if I'm...

FELBER: Why? Is machboos made of tongue?

SAGAL: Machboos is a spiced chicken and rice dish beloved by the people of Bahrain and also by the seagulls of Bahrain. According to the government, people are just leaving their leftovers out. And the birds are eating so much of it that they're literally becoming too fat to fly. Officials are asking residents to please use trash bins, so the seagulls can slim down and get back to doing what they love, screaming at people for more machboos.

Bill, did Mo do well enough to win?

KURTIS: Well, he got six right for 12 more points. That means with 15, he is this week's champion.

SAGAL: Yay. Congratulations.


FELBER: Congratulations, Mo Rocca.

SAGAL: Oh, Mo Rocca. That was stellar.

SLOAN: I'm so proud of you, Mo Rocca.

SAGAL: We're all proud. We're all proud. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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