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Aminé, 'NEO'

In this age of nostalgia-mining, a soundtrack for an edgy, live-action remake of Rugrats or Rocket Power might easily feature a couple of tracks from Aminé's new mixtape, TWOPOINTFIVE — and I mean that in the best way possible. A vividly delightful return to form, TWOPOINTFIVE excels in the Portland rapper's devotion to experimentation and embrace of stream of consciousness creation.

On standout track "NEO," the computer is turned into an uncanny instrument in the way of hyperpop's emerging cultural dominance. A surreal Pasqué-produced beat wobbles with whimsy, radiating underneath simple rhymes for luxury vacations and movie references. Committing to a simple rhyme scheme allows Aminé to glide over the beat, producing infectious sonic synergy perfectly suited for his effervescent legacy.

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LaTesha Harris is NPR Music's editorial assistant. A relentless jack-of-all-trades, she takes turns writing, editing and producing music coverage. Invested in the culture behind pop, hip-hop and R&B, her work highlights the intersection between identity and history. Once in a blue moon, Harris moonlights as a talking head with no filter.