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Lera Lynn on Mountain Stage

Amos Perrine/Mountain Stage

Perhaps best known as the dive bar singer in the second season of HBO's True Detective, Lera Lynn played her role authentically – after all, she was singing her own veiled, minor-keyed work in it.

Lynn lives in East Nashville, and brought along well-known Nashville studio guitarist Todd Lombardo to back her up on the Mountain Stage.

In the four-song visit, Lynn tossed in songs from three fresh albums, including "So Far" and "Day Dreamer" from her latest album On My Own (written and recorded as per the title) to bookend, with "Eye Eye Eye" from Live and Unplugged From Vinyl Tap and "Was It Easier?" (from a new album coming out this spring) laid between.

"This is smart, rangy songwriting with powerful vocals and wildly creative arrangements," Mountain Stage host Kathy Mattea explained.

Lynn promised the crowd "some boppers that you could tap your foot to" on that forthcoming new record, but that's a promise few seemed to care that she kept shortly after she and Lombardo slipped into a ripple of tremolo.

"Precious are the few / Strong enough to ignore the path of least resistance / Where's the simple truth / Underneath the revelry of mere existence? / So daydreamer, dream the day away (daydreamer)."

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