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Alex G, 'Blessing'

Hit play on any random song from Alex Giannascoli's prolific output as Alex G and you're equally likely to hear freaky pitch-shifted vocals, an affecting acoustic ballad, squeaky electronic production or sturdy rock. Even when you've been trained to expect this kind of sonic shapeshifting, though, the Philly songwriter still knows how to surprise. "Blessing," his latest release, is exactly that kind of curveball: delightfully weird, minimalist and dark, it doles out many curiosities over its three short minutes. Cavernous synths give way to whispered vocals that are eventually overtaken by a guitar freak-out which shifts again in the direction of a foreboding synth-heavy outro. "Every day is a blessing," Giannascoli deadpans; he's got a knack for making good fortune sound dangerous.

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