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'Wait Wait' for August 20, 2022: Roadtrip Edition!

Singer Josh Groban performs in Phoenix, on March 28, 2015.
Ethan Miller
Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night
Singer Josh Groban performs in Phoenix, on March 28, 2015.

Peter and Bill are still tanning on the beach, so this week we bring you another collection of some of our favorite in-person guests, all in preparation for us being back on the road.

Not My Job: We quiz legendary conductor Marin Alsop on superconductors
Marin Alsop is the music director laureate of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and one of the most celebrated conductors in the world. And, well she knows plenty about conducting an orchestra, what does she know about superconductors?

Not My Job: Lion King choreographer Garth Fagan answers questions about lyin' kings
When choreographer Garth Fagan was growing up in Jamaica, he dreamed of a far-off place where he could pursue his art and teach dance to others. And he found that paradise in Rochester, N.Y., where he founded the Garth Fagan Dance company. Fagan choreographed The Lion King on Broadway, so we've decided to quiz him on lying kings — three questions about really deceitful people.

Not My Job: Drag queen Peaches Christ gets quizzed on Queens, New York
We've invited Peaches Christ, queen of San Francisco Drag Queens, to play a game called "Fuggedaboutit!" Three questions for a drag queen about Queens — that borough of New York City destined to be the next hipster capital now that Brooklyn is old news.

Not My Job: Opera star Renée Fleming
Renée Fleming is a four-time Grammy-winning soprano who has sung some of the most beautiful pieces of music ever recorded. Sure, she knows her way around an aria, but what does she know about "Baby Shark"?

Not My Job: We ask Josh Groban about elevators
Josh Groban has one of those classic show-biz stories: Right before the 1999 Grammys, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli gets sick. Who can fill in to rehearse a duet with Celine Dion? Well, how about this 17-year-old music student? He's now one of the top-selling artists in the music business. Groban had a big hit with "You Raise Me Up" so we've invited him to play a game called "You Bring Me Down" — three questions about elevators and escalators.

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