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H.C. McEntire, 'New View'

Every October, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are treated to a "hunter's moon." Also called the sanguine moon, the full moon in October is thought to connote optimism in the face of difficulty. This celestial phenomenon serves as the central allegory of "New View" by H.C. McEntire, a song that evokes the winsome austerity of autumn via understated instrumentation reverberating with a warmth and sonic expansiveness reminiscent of Daniel Lanois' Acadie.

McEntire's translucent, lilting voice is as golden and full as the moon of which she sings. Lyrically, she bonds the lunar and seasonal theme to a poetic meditation on inviting love despite the risk (assurance?) of heartbreak: "Bless me and beg me / I'm willing to lose / Catch me and wreck me / I'll take more of you / In the high hunter's moon."

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Joe Kendrick