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Two sons, lost: How a 1986 summer camp murder devastated two families

(Diego Mallo for The Marshall Project)
(Diego Mallo for The Marshall Project)

In 1986, 16-year-olds Jacob Wideman and Eric Kane were rooming together on a summer camp trip to the Grand Canyon when Jacob fatally — and inexplicably — stabbed Eric.

Before long, Jacob turned himself in and eventually confessed to the killing. But he couldn’t explain what drove him to do it.

This debut episode of Violation, a podcast from The Marshall Project and WBUR, introduces the story of the crime that has bound two families together for decades.

Jacob’s father, acclaimed author John Edgar Wideman, spoke with Violation host Beth Schwartzapfel in a rare, in-depth interview about his son’s case that listeners will hear throughout the series, including this premiere.

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Find the full episode, more information and photos here.

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